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Beautiful eyes are always the desire of every girl and thick curves will be the highlight of the eyes, it will attract more crowds.
With the use of false eyelashes in the simple steps below, will make you have great eyelashes even if you do not know how to makeup.

What's false eyelashes?
False eyelashes is no longer a strange concept for women, considered a powerful weapon to make eyes more attractive, more mysterious.
False eyelashes dating back to the early twentieth century, have attracted a lot of women.
From the original materials such as human hair, synthetic fibers, silk ... until now with artificial eyelashes made of special artificial materials to bring natural eyelashes, as real.

Eyelids have large eyelids, small eyelids, large eyes, small eyes ... but always have some kinds suitable for your eyes.  So, you will easily choose the right false eyelashes for your eyes.

                                                                 Fake eyes make the eyes more attractive.

The instructions to the girls attach their own false eyelashes

Attaching false eyelashes is not too hard, but if you make a mistake, not only will not be beautiful, it will also affect your vision. Take the steps below, your eyelashes will look bigger, rounder and more seductive

Step 1: Measure and cut eyelashes
False eyelashes are always longer than real eyelashes, so you should measure, compare with real eyelashes and cut from the outside before attaching them. Then you should cut unequal lenght to look more natural.

Step 2: Apply eyelashes
Apply directly on the eyelid, careful not to stick to the eye. This makes it easy to adjust the glue quatity  and correct the position of the false eyelashes and not to confuse with your other eye areas.

                                                         Applying eyelashes glue before applying false eyelashes.

Step 3: Use tweezers to attach false eyelashes
Using tweezers to attach false lashes will be more accurate than using the hands. When attach into the eyes, use tweezers to slightly press false eyelash stick to the canthus until completely dry.

Step 4: Press  and brush mascara
Press  and brush mascara  help the real and false eyelashes  mix together, gently brush to two lines together.
Complete the above steps as you have completed the false eyelashes. However, use eyeliner to add another eye liner, mask the remaining glue, make false eyelashes more natural.

                            Press eyelashes to create a curve while simultaneously combining true eyelashes and false eyelashes.



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